Nikolista & The Comrades
Under The Moon- 2013 (Self Released)

Run Time 0:37:31

11 songs


Reviewed by Michael Rampa

Just when you thought the days of boundary pushing in music had passed with the likes of The  Sex Pistols and Nirvana , along comes Nikolista & The Comrades.  A daring fusion of punk, alternative and grunge, the New York based band is cut from the same cloth as its famous predecessors. Fronted by multi media artist Nikolista Boutiereos,   the concept began with her trip to a  record shop. She picked up Virgos Merlot’s Signs of a Vacant Soul and it dramatically influenced her musical style.  The album ranges from hauntingly melodic  to  aggressiveness deserving of the most devout headbangers. The opener, In My Head sets the stage for the blending of seemingly contradictory styles.It begins with  gentle strumming  and a catchy melody  before exploding into an angry,  dissonant chorus. Hold Me In Love’s sparse intro is linear but loaded with heavy echo that really puts some hair on it. Lyrically the album is unsubtle and refreshingly devoid of metaphors and hidden meanings.  The chorus of Right Tonight reads:

“I’m Gonna Love You Right Tonight

I’m Gonna Tear You Up Tonight”

For the most part, the album is a raw, auditory assault without the polish layered on by  label executives. If you want to relive the golden age of punk and alternative  when your parents screamed at you to turn your rebellious music down, this is an excellent listen.