Internet-Based Radio Show Will Highlight Up-And-Coming Artists, Events and Authentic Music City Insight

                        Industry veteran Shawn Carnes and media personality Matt Williams announce the official launch of a new Internet radio show Nashville Underground Radio. The weekly show, combining talk and independent music, features insider news from Music City, and spotlights independent and up-and-coming artists.   “The goal is not to promote any ‘underground’ scene,” says Williams. “The goal is to bring the outside world into our community, and promote the best talent in the city.”
Nashville Underground Radio has already broadcasted 20 episodes as a “soft opening,” drawing massive attention, and a partnership with music technology startup Featuring.Me. The show has also been recorded at such major events as CMA Music Festival, and was the exclusive, weekly live broadcast from the Southern Living Biscuits and Jam Concert Series at Fontanel.
The official launch will take place on Friday, September 13th, with a party and performances at an as-yet-undisclosed location. To find out more and to receive an exclusive invite, visit   With Nashville becoming one of the hottest and fastest-growing cities in America, Carnes and Williams wanted to show a dimension to the city that goes beyond simple news clippings, television dramas or reality shows.   “Living in Nashville, you know a very different city than what others may think or see on TV,” said Carnes. “The music is not just country, and the social scene is diverse and never-ending. That’s what we want to show; authentic and unedited.”   “Nashville Underground Radio is a fantastic team of artistic connoisseurs who treat independent artists like leaders in the saturated music market of our generation,” says Nashville artist Rebecca Roubion. “I loved chatting to guys who get it, and truly have their hearts set on good, authentic art.”   The weekly broadcast, however, is not where the plans cease. The platform and the concept have unlimited potential for expansion, live broadcasts and more recurring shows.   “Nashville Underground Radio is an umbrella,” said Williams. “We already have plans to bring listeners all sorts of new content. The potential truly is limitless.”   Find out more about Nashville Underground Radio at: Matt and Shawn’s weekly show currently broadcasts every Sunday at 5pm CST from: Twitter@UndergroundNash