Joey Green Band

Lo 5 – May 4, 2013

Winding Road Music

Run Time:0: 45:06

12 Songs

Reviewed by Jack Smith

The Fort Worth, TX based  Joey Green Band could easily have been eclipsed by the hundreds of other bands that call Cowtown home The bold album cover suggests they may have been aware of the  issue. It  boasts that Lo 5 is “Like Nothing You’ve Ever Heard!” The statement may not be entirely accurate. It does follow the successful formula of many alt-country albums.


The opener,” Jaded Hearts” begins with a few yearning strums positioned in the center of a wide sonic field. Soon answered by a classic organ tone and Green’s straightforward singing, it doesn’t kick into full swing until the first chorus. A little levity is provided with the hilariously Spice Girls inspired “Make Sure It Breaks” (compare to the chorus of “Wannabe”), “Baby Girl” gets  back to the jamming country rock that the band is noted for. The opening guitar riff is head-bobbing catchy, while Green’s vocal melodies soar with uplifting messages. Along with “Kaleidoscope”, the track showcases the band’s alt-country vibe.

However, the Joey Green Band is not just a country band, and “Cry My Soul Away” proves it. Easily the album’s highlight,  It Aw sounds like a thrilling mix of Afie Jurvanen’s (Bahamas; Feist) guitar work, John Mayer-esque vocals, and a bit of Roy Buchanan’s BGVs.