David Gilmour Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Upon first glance at any artist’s set list, that contains 14 covers one might think there is ample time to grab a refreshment, hit the restroom or buy merchandise. Unless it’s David Gilmour, when cover means 14 of the most iconic songs of all time; known to nearly four generations of Pink Floyd fans.  Touring in support of fourth solo album; 2015’s “Rattle That Lock,” he performed  seven of the album’s 10 best tracks. After introducing the sellout crowd to the album with the title track and most radio friendly song any member of Floyd has ever written, he embarked on a three hour vintage Floyd journey which ironically featured only two songs off of “The Wall.” Gilmour’s legendary playing is equal parts technical wizardry and mesmerizing atmospheric rock. The 70 year-old Brit more envelops a crowd than plays at it.  20,000 fans responded in kind throughout the night. At the mid point of the first set, he put his foot on the gas with “The Blue,” screaming up to the black Strat’s 21st fret until the neck pocket ran out.


The stunned crowd’s ovation lasted over five minutes and had to be quelled before moving on. The Floyd numbers were backed by the massive  circular silver screen projecting the signature images of psychedelia that has trademarked the band’s four decade career.

The triple threat encore began with the spot on percussion intro of “Time.” He closed with the always hair raising “Comfortably Numb,” once hailed as the best 10 minutes in live music and which some regard as the best solo of all time. He performed the classic bathed in smoke with the arena shrouded in the nowseemingly  primitive laser show that brought back memories of the original concept performed in 1970s planetariums. Though not officially part of the British Invasion, Gilmour is a key ingredient in rock’s primordial soup.

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