Rodeo Records NZ is proud to announce release of the music video for Aly Cook Midnight Cowboys the day after the song  hit #1 on the Top 40 Country Tracks Chart this week.

Find the chart here:

The chart is reported to by over 600 community station country shows across Australia, growing  since 1986 and is based purely on Airplay . Midnight Cowboys set a record with a bullet jump from #39 to #1 the biggest jump since the track moved from a Top 30 to Top 40 Format nearly 3 years ago. This #1 came on the eve of the release of the music video.

Directed by Ken Khan created  in CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) and filmed with 4k high production values. This  visual feast meets the production values of the music. Midnight Cowboys is produced and co –written by Top Kiwi Producer Alan Jansson ‘How Bizarre’ and Brent Hayward aka Fats White.  Features Italian Line Dancers and The Cowboy Fatswhite in a route 66 environment. The video is as alternative as Avant Garde as the song itself.

Artist Aly Cook
Album: Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel
Song: Midnight Cowboys written by Alan Jansson & Brent Hayward AKA Fats White.
Produced by Alan Jansson at Uptown Studios, Auckland New Zealand.
Video Director: Ken Khan – Media Network Corporation
Director of Photography: Dev Varma
Make Up & Hair: Sheena Hiraf
Dance: Fast As Shark Line Dance
Choreographer: Adriano Castagnoli
Dancers: Adriano Castagnoli, Monika Wieleba,
Cristian Fileni, Annalisa Chiatti
Marina Carrer, Monia Letteri
Dancers Filmed at Voghera Country Music Festival Italy