Kesha, Stage AE,  Pittsburgh, Pa. September 9 2021

Reviewed by Michael Rampa

Kesha’s 2021 tour is electro pop on steroids. She starts out full throttle and save for a lovely debut live version of version of Praying” never took her foot off the gas. from minute 1 to minute 91 The production is huge; the stage was adorned with giant mushrooms the sound rattles your seat as she plays a 2,000-capacity venue like an NFL stadium.



She strode  onstage among giant inflatable mushrooms, rainbows and glitter, SO much glitter. She prepped the audience, saying, “I just all want us to pretend that last year wasn’t a dumpster fire. “I did not learn anything during quarantine. I sat with my cats and my wigs just waiting to come out here again.” With that she opened with a blistering version of “Cannibal” the unique take on women’s empowerment inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer. The female protagonist succumbs to bloodlust. She proudly flaunted her insanely perfect booty which she promised would be in plain view throughout the night. “Rainbow” was a healing album for her and her pleas for love, peace and unity felt like a thank you to a very loyal fan base that helped her heal from the unfathomable trauma of the ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit with her former manager a crippling eating disorder She said, “Things have been really fucked up for me for a long time so making “Rainbow” was very cathartic.  She only played three songs from it and delivered a greatest hits setlist from her back catalog.  The sellout crowd got a big dose of a slew of No. one hits and the wild wardrobes from leather clad dominatrix to the bright spandex befitting many pop stars.   At the midpoint of the show, she used the Pitbull cover of “Timber “as the demarcation point to launch a rapid-fire block of her best-known hits. She blew through Tik “Tok ““Your Love Is My Drug,” “Take It Off” and “Blah Blah, Blah” with surgical precision amidst a frenzied crowd and the fallout of multiple glitter cannons. She played an acoustic piano version of the tender “Praying” before dropping the atomic bomb version of “Blow”

Ironically, she did not play her No. 1 smash “Die Young.” She made the most of the night like she was going to do just that.

Australian pop star Betty Who played a generous 11-song opening set featuring a cover of “I Love You Always Forever” At 6 feet tall, she has a formidable stage presence and the big pipes and moves that match her stature. for more visit: