Tracy Lawrence

Headlights, Taillights and Radios- 2013 (Lawrence Music Group)

Reviewed by Michael Rampa


After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Tracy Lawrence has resurfaced with his 13th studio album. Released on his own label, “Headlights, Taillights and Radios” is an 11-track radio friendly album that is polished with a contemporary gloss. As always, the melodies are simple, the hooks infectious and the voice unmistakable.

The single Footprints On The Moon is country’s answer to Train’s Drops Of Jupiter.

Let’s catch a ride on a shooting star


We’ll wave goodbye when we pass Mars…

I’m gonna blow your heart away

Slow dancin’ on the Milky Way”

Over the course of his 20 plus year career, Lawrence has experienced his share of ups and downs. It is undoubtedly a factor in his ability to be effective delivering songs with very different themes and textures. Whether having fun with the hilarious Cecil’s Palace< or waxing philosophical about aging, <I>Other Side Of 35 he is equally convincing. Typically an involved lyricist, Lawrence only co-wrote two songs here. He turned to heavyweights Rick Huckaby, Kurt Alison and others, including Kip Moore. for the bulk of the work.

While the record lacks impactful tracks  like

Paint Me A Birmingham  the ballads are where Lawrence’s signature twang shines, most notably on the highlight, Lie.


While country at its core, the tone of the 43 minutes is more contemporary than traditional. The title for the Headlights, Taillights and Radios project draws from the idea that Lawrence is both looking back at his two decades-plus career in country music while also taking a significant step toward the future. It is definitely a safe play.