Ray Cashman
Rough and Tumble South– 2012 (D Bomb Records)

Ray Cashman’s Rough and Tumble South is his fifth release and most distinct to date. Released independently on Cashman’s own D Bomb Records, the album is a slight departure from his earlier work. These songs were tracked with a full band this musical lineup brought a new dimension to the music,The result is a fuller sound that retains the passion captured on his prior albums. The latest project was recorded at The Bomb Shelter in East Nashville, He previously recorded in Mississippi.The thread is traditional Themes include food, simple living, love and happiness Listeners can tell how growing up in a small town has influenced Ray Cashman. “I have written 12 songs that reflect the region of America I have lived and respected; the South. These are songs about love, food, music, murder, illicit substances and the yearning to leave small town America,” says Cashman while reflecting on his songwriting.Ray Cashman’s gritty baritone vocals stand out as well his bluesy guitar riffs. Banjos, horns and fiddles and some washboard thrown in for texture help give the album a true southern feel that anyone can move to. Rough and Tumble South is definitely an album to take notice of and is one that both long-time fans and newcomers to Cashman’s catalog can appreciate.