San Francisco-based independent vinyl manufacturer PIRATES PRESS and Czech-based GZ MEDIA are proud to announce the creation and successful implementation of a brand new vinyl pressing machine – the first made in 30 years. This brand new press, the first of many to be created, will steadily increase production capacity and decrease what are already the vinyl industry’s quickest production times.

“While other companies chose to invest in other mediums, or just cruise through the peaks and valleys of vinyl’s last 20 years, GZ Media has continued to invest in the FUTURE of vinyl. Rather than blindly basing our decision of where to make our vinyl on price, or whether it’s made in the USA or not, we choose to make our vinyl with people who have stood behind vinyl since 1951, and invested in it’s future throughout even it’s darkest days. We have ultimate respect for the people and unique knowledge base that those people possess, and the passion and pride with which they come to work with every day. Even when vinyl wasn’t popular, the pressing ladies at GZ felt themselves artists. Almost all of our records remain hand-pressed as well – not brought step-to-step by suction cups, but pressed by people,” says Eric Mueller, owner of Pirates Press.


In 2014, Pirates Press has manufactured well over 2.5 million records and hopes to double that number in 2015. Moreso, both Pirates Press and GZ aim to achieve these goals while maintaining the same level of service that customers have come to expect, and even faster turnaround times without sacrificing a quality product.

“Now it´s going to change,” says Michal Sterba, CEO of GZ Media. “In the last two years we have seen 30-40% annual growth of demand for vinyl records. This year we have sold 100% of our production capacities. The development of this new press will allow us nearly double our production capacity in 2015.” With 14 million records produced in 2014 GZ Media is the largest manufacturer of vinyl records in the world.


“Although our reach has spread into Europe and beyond, we are officially GZ’s North American partners. Working with them for over 10 years, we’ve established such a strong production and customer service team – absolutely the easiest way for small and mid-level clients to get their vinyl pressed, regardless of their expertise. And our systems allow huge labels to shine as well,” says Mueller.

Pirates Press’ first-hand insight and experience in the industry is unparalleled. Even during the darkest days of vinyl, GZ thrived, and always held vinyl sacred. Using the unique and superior Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) [http://piratespress.com/cms/vinyl-records/direct-metal-mastering], it clearly shows GZ’s foresight and investment in vinyl which has allowed it to thrive since 1951 and become the largest vinyl manufacturer in the world. With the partnership between Pirates Press and GZ, trends have been set, and business has boomed.

It’s no secret that the resurgence of vinyl is much more than a flash in the pan. According to a midyear report from the RIAA, vinyl sales were up 43% and the organization predicts more than 8 million scanned units will be sold through the year. This does not include the multitude of independent labels that do not submit their sales to Nielsen Soundscan, which could account for hundreds of thousands if not millions more in vinyl sales.