The crowd at Pittsburgh’s Club Café that showed up to see  Pegi Young and the Survivors Tuesday night did not come because the bandleader is  Neil ‘s wife. The band’s third album, Bracing For Impact, is proving to be its breakthrough. Cross format airplay and brisk sales have carved out an identity distinctly separate from her iconic husband. Somehow, the band  managed to pack the energy of an arena sized show into a 1,000 square foot venue. Highlights included a soulful rendition of “ I Don’t Want To Talk About It,” (penned by former Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten) and the monster jams on “Trouble” and “Blue Sunday”. The band boasts Rock and Roll Hall of Famer  Spooner Oldham on keyboard, but the clear standout is its newest member, guitarist Kevin Holly. His touch on the Telecaster  ranges from weepy and soulful to fretblazing  blues rock.

The show had a humorous moment where the bus driver was brought onstage for the cover of  “Dog House,” an  outtake penned by her famous husband. Young  rocked  a  cowbell reminiscent of  Will Ferrell’s hilarious skit.

She has been married to Neil for 34 years and has sung in many of his bands. Judging from the crowd’s reaction, her emergence into the spotlight is most  welcome.


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