PANDORA has made some management team changes. Effective immediately, the Board has appointed Founder TIM WESTERGREN as CEO.

“I am incredibly excited about the future of PANDORA. We’re on the cusp of realizing an extraordinary vision: fundamentally changing the way listeners discover and enjoy music, and the way artists build and sustain their careers,” said WESTERGREN. “We are pursuing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a massive, vibrant music marketplace. We have the audience, the technology infrastructure, the monetization engine, and most importantly the right team with the passion and commitment to do it. I’m 100% committed to PANDORA’s growth strategy, as is our executive team and Board.”​

PANDORA also introduced a new management structure:

  • CHRIS PHILLIPS as Chief Product Officer

Current CEO BRIAN MCANDREWS is leaving the company. “I am honored to have been the CEO of PANDORA for the past two-and-a-half years, and I am proud of what I and our team of talented and highly passionate colleagues have achieved during this time. We have put in place a robust strategy to make PANDORA the go-to source for fans and artists and position the company for long-term success in a highly dynamic space. With the team and strategy in place and execution underway, I am passing the baton on to TIM. I wish the Company all the best as it continues on its next phase of growth.”

​Current independent board member JIM FEUILLE is now Chairman of the Board.

“PANDORA today is in a strong position to maximize our full potential and expand the music marketplace. TIM is the ideal CEO for PANDORA as we embark on our next phase of growth. As the original Founder, TIM carries the vision for how PANDORA can transform the music industry and he is uniquely able to connect with listeners, music makers and employees,” said FEUILLE. “PANDORA has become a stronger company under BRIAN’s leadership, and we thank him for his commitment and contributions to building PANDORA’s core leadership team and strengthening its position in the market. Moving forward, we have an excellent executive leadership team that is focused on activating PANDORA’s strategy and driving long-term value through a relentless focus on execution and operational excellence.”

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