Born Here Live Here Die Here Deluxe edition (Capitol Nashville (2020)

Luke Bryan

Reviewed by Michael Rampa

If there’s one thing Luke Bryan knows how to do, it’s to stay in his lane. And why not? It often leads to great chart position.  His seventh album “Born Here, Live Here, Die Here” has charted everywhere from Australia to Switzerland and went Top 10 in four countries. But that of commercial success does not mean it’s a solid collection. The album stays the course with the formula that has brought him global success. One glance at the track list and you’ll know what you’re in for sonically with the blatantly unsubtle titles like “Knockin’ Boots” and the beachy “One Margarita.” On the latter, the chorus “”One margarita, two margarita, three margarita” is repeated six times. Dude, we get it, you’re drinking.  “Build Me a Daddy” is the most meaningful.  A boy asks a toymaker to build a replica of his father, a soldier overseas. The touching lyrics are accompanied by a deft Telecaster. It has the vibe of Tracy Lawrence’s” Paint Me a Birmingham.”

The bar soaked ”\Little Less Broken” feels like like it should have been on the Urban Cowboy soundtrack and showcases his smooth voice best. Fans may want to look into the16-song Deluxe version as the standard CD clocks in at a scant 33 minutes For more visit:


The word country has a broad definition these days. Bryan is clearly on the contemporary side. The album takes no chances and has little songwriting depth. The production is solid, and it sounds good. Bryan has made a good career with this formula and shows no signs of deviating from it.