Litle Texas
Young For A Long Time- 2015 (Warner)


Little Texas describe themselves as follows: “As part of the young country movement of the early ‘90s; responsible for shaking up the country music world with a new, energetic sound that fused the look and attitude of modern rock music with traditional country themes and styles, bringing a much appreciated bolt of life into the genre. Sound familiar?  The Longhorn State quartet was performing “bro country” decades before it was officially labeled.

Their much-anticipated seventh studio album, “Young For A Long Time,” sticks to the blueprint of country music’s most clichéd sub genre. Pickups and a girl with a new tattoo are featured on the title track while the painfully obvious “Rednecks Do Exist” feels like a blood relative of Blake Shelton’s “Hillbilly Bone” with an equal lack of finesse. Musically, there is some rocking Telecaster work from Porter Howell who has taken over lead vocals after the departure of Tim Rushlow and Brady Seals. As a result, the band has not suffered in that department. Following suit, they remain sonically tight. They certainly get enough practice, playing over 300 shows a year.


They do have an impressive resume. 10 million albums sold, three Grammy nominations, eight No. 1 singles and opening slots for Clint Black and Travis Tritt.

<P>This type of act was spawned in the Garth Brooks era right when the big hatted cowboy was easing pop country into pop culture.  It’s clear that thematically, the band not come too far since they emerged in 1992. They now fit right in with their peers who are now Sippin’ On Fire, “climbing on diamond plate tailgates” or chillin’ on a dirt road. The 11 track collection stays within their core competency, but it is certainly nothing new in the musical landscape.