For singer/songwriter Lexi James, music has inspired the 21-year-old to embrace her true self and celebrate all that she is and all that she has to offer audiences. Her songs embody a good-hearted nature with an element of sassy dynamism that calls for no apology. Her first single “Stop” exemplifies the strength of a resilient heart, a common thread running throughout the pop/country album’s musical tapestry.  With a personality and voice as vibrant as her naturally fiery red curls, James turns challenges into musical messages of empowerment and exuberance.


Born in Massachusetts and a native of Maine, James grew up experiencing the hurt of being bullied year after year, simply for the color of her hair and for her desire to pursue music as a career. The result of such mean-spirited torment was a stuttering disorder. However, James discovered that when she sings, she doesn’t stutter. Therefore, she immersed herself in her music as a way to not only deal with her impediment but to also take a stand against the issue of bullying. With the support of her family, including her cousins who have become her siblings through adoption, James has proven to naysayers that criticism and condemnation no longer hinders her but instead empowers her. “I think what I’ve experienced has prepared me for my career in an industry that requires a thick skin,” James discerns. “I am not ashamed to be myself, even if that means being different from everybody else.”