Katy Perry has received her share of criticism over her wildly successful career. Artistically, she has been maligned for her bubble gum pop and  sets featuring cotton candy clouds with four foot lollipops and candy canes, Then there is tabloid fodder: the wild hair, the crazy outfits, the man trouble. All of that is no concern. She is a nine figure pop star with a net worth of $280 million, according to Forbes and over 100 million Twitter followers. Her street cred includes 13 Grammy nominations and multiple VMA and People’s Choice Awards. She  is showcasing her latest album, “Witness “ on an eye popping tour whose insane production value is matched only by the intensity of the performance The show featured a massive video screen displaying an omnipotent LED  eyeball that eerily blinked and looked around the entire arena  before the show began. Perry eventually soared in on a flying star to the album’s title track,” She chose to showcase the new album heavily and selected over half the set list from it. That left little wiggle room for her better known material from the four time platinum “Teenage Dream” but she chose wisely and efficiently, performing the title track, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” and “California Gurls” in a tight mini set mid-way.

She lightened up the mood with the reggae tinged “Chained To The Rhythm” which found both the day glo, tiara sporting tween Katy Cats and their middle aged parents bopping their heads and putting their hands in the air. She rolled out “Witness” as purposeful pop” implying it was to be a politically charged record. It is nothing of the sort. To insert partisan politics into a prototypical pop star’s core competency is tantamount to taking the “F” factor out of a dazzling show; where the F stands for FUN. On this night, the only meaning of the words left and right that applied was to describe which way everyone’s hands were waving during the powerful tolerance anthem and perennial showstopper, “Firework.”

Long before the final applause, budding pop star Noah Cyrus opened the show. Miley Cyrus’ younger sister has been making a lot of noise with her music this year, and for an arena-sized crowd, she was a big ball of energy throughout her entire set.

The 17-year-old ran through songs like “I’m Stuck,” “Again,” and “Make Me (Cry)” with the confidence of a seasoned star. Even though her set was a little short, she did a great job of holding everyone’s attention throughout.

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