Gretchen Wilson
Right On Time – (Redneck) -2013
Reviewed by Michael Rampa
 It’s been three years since we’ve heard from Gretchen Wilson. She will resurface this year with the subtlety of a nuclear submarine. Right on Time was released April 2. Under the Covers, featuring 12 of Classic Rock’s most memorable hits from the 70s, will drop May 28 and a full-length Christmas album will ship in October. If anyone had doubts about her authenticity as the “Redneck Woman”, you just need to hear the first 10 minutes of Right on Time to realize that her hard partying, tough as nails trailer park persona is not a marketing tool. The first three songs deal with a boisterous white trash lover’s spat on the front lawn, riding in an 18-wheeler and a little number about getting a 90 year-old grandmother stoned for the first time.
The musical stylings are varied. I’ve Been in Love is a sexy cabaret number with jazzy piano that brings Adele, of all people, to mind. I never thought I’d mention those two names in the same sentence.
Still Rollin’ is a trucker anthem with a pleasing pop sound that is a hybrid of Running on Empty and Take it Easy. Hey Love has a bluesy barroom feel featuring slide guitar and Motown backup singers.”I am very excited to have so much new music coming out this year,” said Wilson. “We are already touring, and are looking forward to an incredible year with old friends, and new beginnings!”It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Redneck Woman but she appropriately returns with a 12 song collection that includes material that ranging from as wonderfully rough edged as she is to unexpected mellowness and finesse.