David Shelby "Oh Yeah" Highway South- 2014 6 tracks Run Time 0:118:26

David Shelby “Oh Yeah”
Highway South- 2014
6 tracks Run Time 0:18:26

By Michael Rampa

Traditionalists have long sought a reprieve from bro country and the pop crossover movement. Enter David Shelby. On his new EP, “Oh Yeah”, the Michigan native simply bludgeons the current landscape with a complete 180 degree shift to what he calls “Rust Belt country.” The scorching opener, “Southern Drawl” sets the tone for a tight 18 minutes that runs the gamut from hard rocking backwoods anthems to effective ballads.

Thematically, Shelby turns on a dime, moving from stereotypes of  hard partying,  deer hunting  (and even a  pregnant) redneck to the acoustic tenderness of an angry couple that “never falls asleep without touching feet.”


While there are some modern sounds, the album generally forgoes slick production in favor of a grittier feel that is rooted in the turbulent history of Shelby’s native Detroit.  The result is an authentic, workingman’s album coupling an indie vibe with a seasoned blue-collar Mellencamp like insight.

Track list

“Southern Drawl: (C. Davis/D. Carl)

“Ride It Out” (C. English/A. Miller)

“Burn That Bridge” (Englishh/Miller

“Podunk” (Ozier/T. Halsden/Hayes)

“Feet” (Halsdn/Walker/Hayes)

“Oh Yeah” (J. East. J. Ramey)