Brandon Reeves
A Decent Melody -2013
Twelve Oaks Studio

Like the artist himself, Brandon Reeves’ sophomore release, A Decent Melody, is a workingman’s album. It is the culmination of writing and playing 100 live dates annually for three years. Stints with the bands of Ringo Starr, Billy Joel and Zac Brown helped Reeves road test the material. What results is an aptly titled album.  Each of the very diverse 13 tracks has lead single potential. From the soulful opener, I Still Believe to the Celtic folk tinged  Song About An Irish Girl, Reeves manages to fuse elements of rock, country and even a little Motown under the larger umbrella of Blues. The album is as consistent as it is diverse, making it an easy listen all the way through. The themes are rooted in the North Georgia community where he was born and raised. There is a tale of struggles with the economic collapse, Last Dollar Bill. The ballad  pushes the age old cliché of country music about losing your wife, job and money a bit too far. The title track’s gentle acoustic intro belies its raunchy story about meeting  a train wreck of a girl who pukes in a parking lot, snorts dope and then  then faces homelessness and domestic abuse.Dry River Bluesgets its funky groove from  some heavy chord work and the liberal use of electric piano.

Due to some experimentation with keyboards, mandolin and percussion, this collection of songs is thicker than on his debut, Emilia. Reeves sometimes uses a National steel guitar. It was made famous by Mark Knopfler on Romeo and Juliet. Its richer tone is a welcome change from the overused pedal steel typically heard in country and blues songs. He does keep within the traditional boundaries of the  country  numbers by using its signature electric; the iconic Fender Telecaster.

It is available on Amazon ,iTunes and all other digital retailers.