Quick, name a couple female Scottish singer/songwriters. If you got further than Annie Lennox, congratulations. The group’s sample size may be small, but Sandi Thom is making sure the list is fortified with her coming of age release Flesh and Blood. Thom is best known for her rebel child persona on the  hit I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair). She said those who know her from that song won’t recognize her on this album. And that’s exactly the point. Thom said it is “the first album I’ve done that is really all about me.  From the soulful opener, Help Me, her distinctive voice echoes the likes of Joplin and Winehouse.

Recorded at Nashville’s 16 Tons studio and produced by Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson, it boasts an ensemble of heavy hitters, including drummer Steve Gorman, session guitarist Audley Freed and Nashville stars Mike Webb (keys/Dobro) and James Haggerty (bass).  Robinson was impressed with her skill as a multi-instrumentalist, especially her guitar and harp work.

The  angry I Owe You Zero, about a woman who gave too much in a relationship is countered with  I Love You Like A Lunatic,  an autobiographical tale about her love affair with superstar guitarist Joe Bonamassa.  They shared producer Kevin Shirley’s services on a few tracks, most notably on one of the record’s highlights, the duet with Buffy Sainte Marie, The Big Ones Get Away.

Initially discovered by RCA from her webcasts based in her London apartment, her debut Smile… It Confuses People entered at #1 on the UK album chart. Even though the album addresses different, more personal themes than her earlier work, it feels like a maturing evolution rather than a temporary change. It is slated for release on Sept. 25