Adrian Belew Oaks Theater July 24th 2022 Reviewed by Michael Rampa

King Crimson may be before your time, but you do not need to be a part of its core demographic or know any of the songs to appreciate the remarkable talent of guitarist Adrian Belew. The genius of his show is in the unexpected: the cool guitar you have never seen before, how interactive and fun the show is.  you may even wonder what type of music it is. Belew’s wizardry on guitar paints a sonic landscape that incorporates his influences from Indonesian roots, pop and classical He can shift from an ethereal tone.  to complex, linear shreds effortlessly and always pleasing to the ear. He came to stage and prepped the crowd to expect some Beatles covers since he had played the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the night before. He got to them early with scorching versions of “And Your Bird Can Sing” and “Hey Bulldog” For an artist that can write pop songs in the vein of Lennon and McCartney, King Crimson was not a radio friendly band in any of its iterations. The show featured an acoustic set that showcased a few songs from his 26th studio album “Elevator.” He played “A Car I Can Talk To, and paid homage to mother earth with “The Power of the Natural World” and You Can’t Lie To Yourself” before making good on his promise to “burn the place down with Crimson songs “the rest of the way.

With a monster rhythm section featuring ace drummer Johnnie Luca and 16-year veteran bass player Julie Slick, the show went into full power trio mode and tore through parts of a gem of a back catalog featuring “Walking On Air.” Neurotica” Three Of a Perfect Pair” and “Indiscipline” was a win-win for the hardcore fans and prog rock neophytes. All the audience needed to do was sit back and bask in the genius.