All American Girl-– 6/18/2013
Werewolf Tunes
Run time 39:04
11 songs

Reviewed by Michael Rampa

On her debut release, “All American Girl,” Bree takes charge immediately with her signature Gibson Flying V on the bruising opener, I’m the Boss (over 140,00 YouTube views).  The tone is set for a hard charging 40 minutes that will appeal to a demographic ranging from classic rock to thrash metal fans. Most of the material is drawn from her nearly incomprehensible life as a religious cult castaway.  Themes include rebellion (Dance All Night (With My Finger In The Air)), love and loss. Justin Cortelyou kept the production effects to a minimum. It perfectly complements the raw, angry and aggressive feel of the songs.  Even with the hammer down, the music is still touching and seductively melodic much like the artist herself. The sultry redhead is tailor-made for video (check out the sexy, teasing Whisky on YouTube). The album slows down for a mere 40 seconds during the bluesy tinged intro of the title track. The Nashville RAW Musician of the Year is a study in contradiction. Whenever she goes supersonic, her full voice retains an understated silkiness. The power trio that produces the immense wall of sound features an unlikely upright bassist. I Hope You’re Smiling is a compassionate ode to her late mother woven into a four-minute power chord progression.   Bree admitted that she isn’t sure where she fits into today’s music. Indeed, it is difficult to label her. Itunes categorizes the album as Alternative. But clearly hard rock, punk and metal permeate each song. It doesn’t really matter how you label this record. If you’re looking for a classic music experience where the artist just plugs in and rocks, there is no need to sort through your vinyl collection. There has been a 30-year absence of legendary girl power rock. The drought is officially over.